*don’t delete the text it wont show up and you’ll get free pizza*
Rules ☆✗ mbf me✗ reblogs only (likes for bookmarking)✗ all blog types are welcome to reblog!
benefits☆✗ I will promote you throughout the week to 27k!✗ i’ll follow you if I’m not following you already✗ you will be featured in my blog for a week✗ html help / banner (only if you’d like)
higher chances ☆
✗ talk to me! i’m a friendly person✗ tag a post with ‘queenofpale’ telling me why you want to be my botw✗ reblog this multiple times
I  will choose around 4 blogs and put them in a poll which I will put on my blog for them to gain votes on Friday (18/07/14) Good luck! <3

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